Limelight throught the years:

Neil recalls the circumstances that led him to form Limelight
in an article written for In Brief Magazine. Read the Artcle >


MarieHartman: Pre-Limelight, Neil videotapes for Milwaukie High School and it makes the local paper!

Ann Sothern: One of the first big productions Neil was when he was hired by Mt. Hood Hospice
to document the visit by Hollywood Golden Age actress Ann Sothern in 1981.

Robert Anderson, today an animator at Pixar, videotapes a seminar for the Oregon State Bar in 1985.

Limelight 1994: Most of the people in this group shot stayed with Limelight for a long period of time. 
Alas, they’ve all gone their separate ways now---except Neil.

OilCompany - One of Neil’s more challenging shoots was this safety video shot on location
in Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  It was June and the sun never set.


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