Dane Peterson

Dane has been with Limelight since 2000.

Before moving to Portland in 1998 he traveled extensively,
living in most regions of the United States. Dane has been involved in various audio/visual endeavors for most his adult life. Including acting in community theater, and involvement with several performance art groups.

Dane has been writing music and performing in musical groups since the late eighties. Recording with some of them for small independent labels, and putting self released material. As well as recording, mixing, and audio engineering duties for other musical acts releases. Dane has had experience in organizing and promotion for a couple of not for profit music and art gatherings. He still collects out of print musical recordings on vinyl records, and other formats.

Some can be heard at his blog. http://someeggs.blogspot.com

A San Francisco firm that gets video from all over the country sent this compliment to Dane unsolicited.  “I was just QC’ing (quality-checking) the video that Dane Peterson shot and it looks great.  We are very happy with the quality your company is providing.”