Neil Wilburn

Neil started the company with a single tube camera, a tripod and one of those new VHS decks. He quickly realized the limitations of the VHS format and switched to the more expensive, but higher quality 3/4" professional format. This has been the philosophy that has guided Limelight's mission throughout the years: “Always go a step beyond to please the client, because that brings them back.”  He is grateful to the loyal clients he has cultivated over the years. 

His career has afforded him the opportunity to travel all over the country, shooting video in the frozen tundra of Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay to the depths of the New York City subway system.  There are no lengths to which he would not go to get the best possible product for the client.  “More concerned with our video being perfect than his bottom line, it seemed!”  He wrote an article for the Oregon Court Reporters Association “In Brief” detailing the start of his career in legal video. 


At age 10, Neil grinds out his neighborhood gossip rag “The MacArthur Street News.”

On location

Neil discusses the next camera set up on location.