"I was just QCing the deposition of Richard Dunsmore that Dane Peterson shot and it looks great! We are very happy with the quality your company is providing and thank you very much for your efforts."
– Dave Onuschak, West Court Reporting Services

“Neil, Just wanted to write a note to let you know how great your help has been in both the Barman v. Unocal case and everything prior. The quality of your service and product have been beyond my expectations.”
– Verena Hathaway, Markowitz Herbold Glade & Mehlhaf, P.C. (10/13/03)


“Your crew was gone before I could learn their names to properly thank them. Will you pass this on to them? My most heartfelt thanks to the 2 gentlemen who saved my bacon today by dropping everything, loading up and coming to my rescue at Barran Liebman – I can’t believe that in only about 25 minutes from my panicked phone call they arrived and set up for the deposition. I appreciate their service and attitudes and will not forget their kind deeds. You guys have inspired me with positive energy for 2004! Endless thanks.”
– Lisa Thomas, Barran Liebman (1/13/04)


“Just a short note to thank you for helping to make our mock jury focus groups a huge success this past week. Everything went so smoothly and you were a big part of that. We were able to learn some insightful things about the cases we presented. Having the tapes will be very helpful when we need to review them again for trial preparation! Thanks again for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.”
– Jen Anderson, O’Donnell & Clark, LLP (9/19/03)


“To everyone at Limelight Video: Yesterday we were in trial and came to you with a rush editing job late in the afternoon. You got the edits done and delivered to the courthouse in record time, and we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it!”
– Mark McDougal, Kafoury & McDougal


“We are at the scene of a shoot of an airplane with Bill Thoma.  The filming conditions are tight and difficult.  I am just so impressed with Bill.  He had been totally foc used on what is happening.  He really is being very helpful.”
– Lawrence Baron, Private Attorney